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Hopkinton was established in 1669, as a part of the Town of Westerly, as were Richmond and Charlestown. However, after the people petitioned the General Assembly to divide it, the town of Hopkinton was incorporated on March 14, 1757. Hopkinton was named in honor of Stephen Hopkins, who was then Governor of Rhode Island, and also a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

In the years prior to its independence, the Hopkinton side of the Pawcatuck River was the religious, business and civic center of Westerly. Even earlier, the entire Misquamicutt Region located in the southwestern part of what was then Narragansett County, was inhabited by Indian Tribes. Today there is evidence of the former presence of Indians thousands of years ago in Hopkinton - the Indian Rock Shelters, Indian Signal Rocks, and numerous other artifacts. At the point where Hopkinton, Richmond, and Westerly crossed paths, stood the first Meeting House in Southern Rhode Island, built by the Seventh Day Baptists in 1680. One member of the church was Samuel Ward, governor of Rhode Island, who later joined in the founding of Brown University.

Similar to other Rhode Island cities and towns the early settlements in Hopkinton were centered around its rivers. On Wood River were Barberville, Hope Valley and Woodville; on Brushy Brook and its tributaries were Rockville, Centerville, Moscow, and Locustville; on the Cononchet River was Ashville; on the Ashawog River were Bethel and Ashaway; and on the Pawcatuck River was Burdickville. Each of these little villages has an interesting history of its own.

For example, one of the early trades in Ashaway was blacksmithing. This village is also known throughout the world because here is located the Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co., a manufacturer of top quality sport fishing lines and products. On January 20, 1939, Ashaway placed the first commercial product made of nylon on the market- the Ashaway Nylon Bait Casting Line.

Today, Hopkinton is still a rural town. Recreation is highlighted in Hopkinton with fresh water fishing facilities, parks and numerous campgrounds. Hopkinton is one of the popular vacation areas of southern Rhode Island and convenient to miles of ocean front beaches. Camp Yawgoog, operated by the Narragansett Council, Boy Scouts of America, and located in Rockville, is one of the largest Boy Scout camps in the United States.

In 1876, and again in 1976, during the Bicentennial Celebration, Hopkinton took great pride in participating in the celebration of America. There was a comprehensive program for Bicentennial activity, and Hopkinton received an American Revolution Bicentennial certificate and flag designating Hopkinton as a bicentennial community.

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