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 East Greewich Rhode Island Home Improvement


East Greenwich is geographically located in the center of the State of Rhode Island, fifteen miles south of the state capitol in Providence. East Greenwich is the eighth oldest community in the state.

The town faces picturesque Narragansett Bay, and has the beauty and appeal of a seaport setting. Green hills, blue water, and quaint historic homes combine to produce a uniquely charming atmosphere.

East Greenwich was owned and inhabited by the Narragansett Indian Tribe. By the King's Commission in 1665, East Greenwich was acquired with the rest of the Narragansett Country as part of the Colony of Rhode Island. East Greenwich was incorporated as a town in 1677, when the Rhode Island General Assembly granted land to 48 men who served during the Wampauag Indian War, also known as the King Philip's War. The town was named for East Greenwich, in County Kent, England. The name East Greenwich, Rhode Island, was changed to Dedford in 1688. In 1689 however, Dedford became East Greenwich once again.

In 1750 East Greenwich become a seat of State Government because of its advantageous location. It provided a protected harbor on Narragansett Bay and had become an important port specializing in ship building and fishing. The town became the county seat of Kent County and the General Assembly met in the town on a rotating basis from 1750 to 1854.

Today, East Greenwich is an economically thriving community ideally located, compactly planned, culturally diverse, with distinctive urban, suburban and rural characteristics and a quintessential main street. East Greenwich claims a distinction and individuality all its own.


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